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  • We are committed to the implementation of a comprehensive transit plan that proactively meets the needs of our growing region - creating new jobs and enable existing employment and education opportunities accessible to Dakota County Businesses and residents.

    The DCR Chamber of Commerce, East Metro Strong, Huitt-Zollars, and prominent Dakota County businesses recently released their Dakota County transit study findings and recommendations. This study focused on what transit services need to be addressed for Dakota County employers, customers, and residents.

    The DCR Chamber identified better public transit as the top policy priority in a survey sent out to over 600 members in 2019. This survey prompted the DCR Chamber to start the process of figuring out how transit in Dakota County needs to improve. Through the year-long process the DCR Chamber and its partners identified Dakota County's transit needs, the opportunities for providing better transit service to people and employers in Dakota County, and the next step for Dakota County and its partners.

    Below you can find a link to the executive summary of how the transit study transpired and the findings. There are also links to the news outlets that covered our transit findings. If you are interested in viewing the detailed 100 page transit service and opportunities report, please contact us at info@dcrchamber.com.

    • Executive Summary HERE
    • Finance & Commerce Article HERE
    • Mass Transit Article HERE
    • Star Tribune Article HERE


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