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    Beginning August 1, 2023, Minnesotans can legally possess and use cannabis and cannabis products. What isn’t changing? It’s still illegal to operate a motor vehicle, boat, off-highway vehicle, or snowmobile while impaired by cannabis – or any other substance.

    Just like how drinking alcohol in a vehicle is illegal, it’s illegal under the new cannabis law for:

    • Drivers or passengers to open any cannabis packaging, use marijuana or consume other cannabis products.
    • Drivers or passengers to have an unsealed container of marijuana (for example, 2 ounces in a zip-close bag). Like alcohol, the exception is an unsealed container or other opened products may be kept in the trunk of a car or another area not accessible by the driver or passengers.
    • The driver to be impaired by marijuana or other cannabis products.

    Remember that driving high is a DWI. Just like with alcohol, anyone opting to consume cannabis needs to make the right choice by planning a safe and sober ride.

    Together, we can drive Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths!