• Volunteers needed at Farmington High School's 2nd Annual - The Reality Store

    Farmington High School’s 2nd AnnualThe Reality Store® 

    Volunteer Request 


    What is The Reality Store®?   

     The Reality Store® is a trademarked and copyright product of INFBPW and Indiana Women’s Education Foundation, Inc.  In May 1990, the program was introduced and has been implemented in many schools throughout the U.S. It is a lesson in financial literacy this valuable yet fun and rewarding for students and volunteers.  

     The is event is like a large game of Life® with incomes determined by career choice, randomly assigned household scenarios, and students making purchase decisions to create a real-life approach to today’s cost of living today.  During the event, Farmington high school students will visit each of the 18 industry specific booths to make purchase decisions with their fictitious monthly incomes.  They will make purchases such as a house, cars, insurance, groceries, clothes, electronics etc. If they run into financial trouble, they will visit the financial counselor booth for advice.  Students will likely an encounter an unexpected event during their trip through the store which could be positive like getting a raise or negative like getting a ticket.  Once students have successfully completed their trip through the store, they will reflect on what they have learned by completing an evaluation form. 


     We are looking for 60-75 volunteers from different industries to help students with their purchasing decisions at each of the booths.  The entire Farmington high school sophomore class will attend a session throughout the day to visit each booth and make purchasing decisions. 


     Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 8:15am-2:45pm 


     Farmington High School gymnasium 


     To support our students in a real-world financial literacy lesson.  You will also be promoting yourself and your industry at the same time.    

     We hope you will consider being involved in this wonderful event. For more information or for details on registering as a volunteer, please contact Chrystal Gasner at 651-463-4300 or chrystalg@roundbankinsurance.com