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    Profile is a wellness company that focuses on weight loss and nutrition. Profile was formed by a team of Sanford Health physicians and researchers, focused on healthy lifestyle change through the principles of nutrition, activity, and lifestyle. Each plan is tailored to the unique needs of each individual for lasting success. We have programs that fit the needs of athletes or individuals with high activity levels looking to either lose weight or learn how to fuel their body for activity, and individuals with varying health or medical concerns. We also have a program designed for women at all stages of pregnancy (from preparing for pregnancy to after pregnancy) to help moms optimize nutrition, focus on healthy weight targets, guide safe physical activity, and manage lifestyle factors. Our members meet with our coaches weekly to discuss goals, habit changes and provide accountability. The coaches create a customized nutrition plan that combines meal replacements, ready-made meals, and whole-food options to help with members’ weight loss. We are looking to be more engaged in the community and build some great relationships to help change more lives in Eagan.

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