Discover Dakota County Podcast

    The "Discover Dakota County" podcast/video program, provided by the DCR Chamber, is an interactive conversation, brings listeners informative stories, history tidbits, leaderships' view of the region, topics with two points of view; plus, a little humor and throw-back amusement. Tune in as we explore the rich stories and insights in Dakota County. There are 15 episodes each year.


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    • Three restaurant owners review business after the pandemic in Dakota County - published 
    • Three Police Chief’s View of Public Safety in Dakota County - published 
    • Top Attractions and Fun History in Dakota County - coming Fall 2022
    • Did You Know What That Used to Be?
    • Transportation and Transit – Getting Around in Dakota County



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    • One-on-one production $450 Single Episode with host and features company, organization or individual. Only audio version. 
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    • Session Sponsor $750 - 2-3 episodes yearly - audio and video production. 
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