• Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce Announces Endorsements for 2022 Election Season

  • The Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce announced it has endorsed candidates who are running for elected office in the upcoming elections. The DCR Chamber reached out to engage with candidates running for County and State offices who then submitted formal endorsement requests and also provided additional information. The Chamber’s board of directors then voted on each endorsement upon receiving recommendation of the public affairs committee.

    “This is an incredibly important election for Minnesota. We believe it’s important as a key stakeholder for our members to be engaged in the process to review candidates and to find ways to make sure there are strong and effective voices to support issues important to the business community," said Amanda Duerr, Chair of the Dakota Regional Chamber of Commerce Public Affairs Committee. "The candidates we have endorsed are people we believe will bring important leadership to serve the entire community.”

    Candidates receiving endorsements from the Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce:

    Rep. Liz Reyer - MN House District 52A*

    Sen. Zach Duckworth - Senate District 57

    Rep. Jon Koznick- MN House District 57A

    Jeff Witte - MN House District 57B

    Rep. Pat Garofalo - MN House District 58B

    Commissioner Joe Atkins - Dakota County District 2*

    Joe Leko - Dakota County Sherriff

    Kathy Keena - Dakota County Attorney*

    Bill Droste – Dakota County Commissioner District 4*

    Rep. John Hout - Minnesota House District 56B

    Jeff Weisensel – City Rosemount - Mayor


    *Denotes endorsement in primary election